Biomass Boilers

We have boilers for wood pellet, wood chip and logs.


Biomatic i range

The Ariterm Biomatic i range is designed for efficient pellet burning. They fit small to medium size properties and can be combined for larger sites. The Biomatic range is Sweden’s best selling pellet boiler and now has an interface allowing it to be controlled from an ipad.

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BioComp range

The BioComp range is for larger sites. Ariterm have revised the design of the fire chamber to improve heat recovery.

The BioComp is extremely versatile in the fuel it uses and the range of KW outputs it can deliver

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The Vedo is a very versatile boiler. It has improved looks, increased suction and can burn both logs and pellets. This flexibility means you need never be without hot water.

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Ariterm 60+

The Ariterm 35+ and 60+ offer a very large wood chamber and is as modern and efficient as our other ranges. Designed to work with a large water accumulator (at least 2000 litres) its reliability is legendary throughout the region.

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