Hollie and Family

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Hollie and Family

'A warm house is fabulous' HollieHollie and family bought their Georgian property in Yorkshire as a renovation project in 2011.

Advised by Native Architects, York, they decided to install an Ariterm Biomatic biomass boiler.

“We saw the oil prices go up and a choice that would make us independent from this would make us feel less vunerable” said Hollie.

The house has over 400 square meters of space and when the calculations for heating the house, which has no mains gas, were made, biomass pellet offered over £8000 of savings over oil and lpg.

“It means we can have the heating on whenever we want, which is great when you have a young family”

Hollies's boiler and pellet store were put into an outbuilding at the rear of their house.The pellet is lorry delivered and blown into the pellet store which lies next to the boiler in an outbuilding.

The system cost just over £20,000, but with the saving in fuel costs plus the RHI, Hollie can expect a payback within four years.

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