Trevor – The Cottage

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Trevor – The Cottage

Trevor and his wife  moved into a cottage adjacent to his sons house in Yorkshire over 5 years ago. The two properties were large and they soon found themselves to be freezing cold, with not enough hot water. The heating bills were prohibitively expensive, so much so that they had to seal off part of the house.

“Keeping warm was a major problem …we were spending so much on heating” About £4,500 per annum.

Locally made pellet store integrated into their outbuildings.Trevor found Bio-Nordic through another biomass scheme Bio-Nordic had installed nearby.

James Haigh, of Bio-Nordic, came to their property and completed an energy survey. His architectural and engineering experience reassured them that biomass could be the solution.

This resulted in them installing an Ariterm Biocomp+60 wood pellet boiler. This was coupled to their own design of pellet store, cleverly concealed in a brick built outbuilding.

“I was reassured by the fact the boilers are Scandinavian made with over 40 years experience in biomass energy.”.

The wood pellets are delivered just twice a year. They come in bulk, wind blown from the tanker to the store, cleanly and efficiently, by the fuel provider. The fuel costs have been cut by over 60%!

The £21,000 investment will be paid back within five years.

Trevor said, “It’s the best things we have ever done. We can now afford to open up the whole house.”

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